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Connect Your zenloop Account to Freshdesk
Connect Your zenloop Account to Freshdesk

Use Freshdesk integration to forward survey responses to your ticketing system

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To help you win-back your detractors and address their concerns as soon as possible, we built a Freshdesk integration.

The Freshdesk Integration automatically forwards zenloop responses straight to your Freshdesk ticketing system. 


1. Start either by adding new Freshdesk integration from Act page, or by going to your zenloop Settings/Integrations. 

2. Add your Freshdesk API token (you can find it in your Freshdesk under Profile settings).

3. Add your Freshdesk subdomain and your email of Freshdesk account.

4. Once successfully connected, Act < Integrations < Freshdesk < Add Alert:

5. You can now test your survey and see the results in Freshdesk:

6. You can also open the case and see all the details

NOTE: only responses with comments will be forwarded to Freshdesk. If the integrations do not work, make sure that:

  • Credentials are correct (Pro Tip: use admin credentials, instead of agent credentials)

  • you check the ticket submitting rules. If you have mandatory fields, the integration won't work most likely, as zenloop is only pushing recipient details, NPS scores and comments

Solutions to common questions:

Q – When will I receive the first response?

A – We will post responses to your Freshdesk, as soon as they arrive.

Q – How will the zenloop response look in my Freshdesk system?

A – Incoming zenloop response will create a new ticket in your Freshdesk with following information: user email; date of the response; comment and NPS score; link to the zenloop survey. 


Q – Can I use the same Freshdesk alert across multiple surveys?

A –  You can create multiple alerts, using the same Freshdesk API, that you connected. Or you can use it for existing Groups of surveys.

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